Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Invasion Of Vampires Stills

Well, here Tabonga go again, tonight have 'nother total crazy flick from Mexiko! Composer Bretón have hands full with this stuff... Get ready for horror fun house! Insane Vampire Attack!! Oh, K. Gordon Murray release US version in 1965.

Vampire have nice bedroom! (Forry call 'bedroom'.. 'badroom!')

Sometime, Tabonga wish he could live in cave!

Whoa! This dude look like really know how to 'creep around'... Have look of professional!

Maybe he not stare so much if you hang up curtain!!

Now, gettin' good! This is giant bat who attack like crazy monkey!! Attack, Attack, Attack!!!

This good shot of giant bat face! Look damn scary to kids in '60s!!

Oh, no, Tabonga in love again!..

Check out stake in heart! That one tough vampire gurlie!!

Tabonga sign off for tonight...

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