Monday, June 18, 2012

Adventure At Center Of Earth Stills By Jules Verne

Whoa! Already Tabonga Thursday!! So, tonight we go south of border and this time have Tabonga's very fave Mex Gurl, Kitty de Hoyos!!!!! Arriba!!.. Movie begin with 5 minute narration as words roll. Yawn!.. Probably okay if you speak Mex, or... Well, anyway, here's sounds from... CENTER OF EARTH! by great composer Raul Lavista!

Surreal Bat Attack!!.. Look like Frazetta!

Man, bats real mad at acrobat guy!!

Pretty good monstruo with nice sharp claw! We call him... Bat Dude!

Oh, this what happen if smoke in bat dude cavern!! You get claw in neck!!

Tabonga and Bat Dude love Kitty!

Here, Bat Dude tear ugly snake-eel in half and offer to Kitty, but, Kitty not hungry!!

Okay, cut to chase, then! Bat Dude want hot monkey love!!

Not really need caption here!

Boy, you know, Kitty look terrific from behind too!!!

Okay, just when things get interesting, Army guys show up with machine gun and start blasting?!!.. What gives?!

So, of course, they shoot poor horny Bat Dude in Bobo!.. COLD!!!

Fly Stills

Rodan here... Tonight's classic feature is none other than... THE FLY!! You know, the much better 1958 original version, not the 1986 remake! For me, this is one of three sci-fi movies from the '50s that is close to flawless! My other picks are FORBIDDEN PLANET and THE THING. Composer Paul Sawtell has an awesome resume of work that starts in the '30s! And, now!.. "The Fly!"

This film is brutal!.. And, devistating!!.. It is hard to imagine anything more horrifying than this story by George Langelaan and James Clavell. A brilliant man and his beautiful wife, truly in love, they have it all!! And, he's on the brink of creating a gift of the gods! A giant technological leap ahead for man!.. (Like the Krell!!)

I have always loved neon... This would make a great art installation!

Everything seems to be operating exactly as designed! A true spectacle of genius!!

But, wait, something has gone wrong! Now, try not to panic!..

David's fly hand will not stay under his lab coat!.. It has a mind of it's own!!

Patricia Owens captures the horror of the gut wrenching situation with perfection!! And, let's give some credit to director, Kurt Neumann!

Then... The veil comes off!!

A horror beyond imagination! NOW, WHAT?!

After a futile search for the fly with 'a white head,' dementia sets in and David starts destroying the lab!

He, then, destroys himself via a giant metal press...

At the end, Vinnie and the inspector both witness the gruesome fate of the fly with David's head!!

The message of this movie is simple... Don't go places God forbids!!

Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow Stills

So it must be time to add the final piece of the musical puzzle we know as "Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow", you can plainly see, there really was a ghost!!

Sadly, this was master monster-maker and all-around cool guy Paul Blaisdell's last movie!

You see, they didn't need Paul anymore when they had cool new makeup and special effects like this!!

To keep the party moving, some of the most rocking swing he's ever written is served up by Ronald Stein one more time! What A Guy!!! Just keep those twin and triplet saxes coming and you'll have a winner every time, throw in some hot guitar licks, and just jump back and watch!! The in-house band "The Renegades" manage to mime their way through the whole thing!

In the end of this film, there's a costume party where the girls have one final meeting at which a challenge to a final drag race is decided. The gauntlet is thrown down, the party goes on, and ........Hey, what happened? The movie is over! Weren't they supposed to have one more race?? They go to a place that is so nice and quiet, it doesn't even exist! Director William J. Hole Jr. should have let them pull hair and scratch instead!!!

Don't worry, it will all be over soon!!!

Mutiny In Outer Space Stills

Time for 'nother Tabonga Tuesday! Tonight is cool sci-fi flick MUTINY IN OUTER SPACE. Dumb title! Really not much to do with mutiny, more about screeching fungus from Moon!! What gives?!.. Okay, Gordon Zahler was supervisor, but, use stock music by Leith Stevens, Hans J. Salter and Walter Greene!!

So, blast off into... Outer Space infected with screeching fungus!

Everybloody want to hang out with Faith Montaine, including Tabonga!!

Whoa!.. Look at meteors whizzing by space station!!

YUCK!!.. This actually dude's head after he touch space fungus! So, kids!!.. Keep away from space fungus, even if uncle Fred say okay!!

Tabonga like this still, look like Russians!

Most sexy wearing glasses and looking through big microscope!.. HOT!!

Oh, look! Germans expose Dick Cheney, but, you never gonna hear about it here in US!..

Stupid fungus can ruin whole day!!

Doctor barely touch fungus, so, they put him in big jar?!

This pic is boss!! General none other than Glenn Langan, aka, THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN!

Bad idea to try and carpet space station!