Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shock Corridor Stills With Peter Breck

Peter (THE CRAWLING HAND) Breck want to be hot-shot reporter and solve murder in nut-house. Constance (THE OUTER LIMITS) Towers think he out of freakin' mind. She have to pretend she Peter sister and sex partner... for Peter to get into nut-house and solve murder... See, STUPID!

Here some things Tabonga love about flick!

Peter pretend he big pervert when talk to nut-house doctor Paul (ATOMIC SUBMARINE) Dubov!

But Peter forget that doctors not really like perverts that much!

Here good example of 'psychotronic' element!

Now, Tabonga ready to throw blows!! James (THE KILLER SHREWS) Best as overacting Confederate General nut job...

Right James, show us those chops!!!.. Great acting dude!!

Then, flick take weird turn... Peter go through door for no reason and find himself in... NYMPHO HELL!! Or, as Tabonga say, 'Nympho Heaven'~

Help!!.... Help me!!... (Man, what the hell wrong with Peter?)

Little baby has to bring in Gestapo to get gurlz off!!!

Hari (THE LOST MISSILE) Rhodes has right idea!!

Embarrassing!.. Gene (THE GIANT BEHEMOTH) Evans play nut-brained atomic scientist turned imp! Here he playing hide and seek with Peter and Peter sitting right there!.. STUPID!!

SUPER EMBARRASSING!!! Peter figure a way to not be seen with lard-ass Pavarotti jerk dude!.. Look at that spread!!!



Anyways, Peter finally solve mystery, big scary male nurse was murderer!! Great news is!.. Peter really go nuts!!! Yay!.. Flick have happy ending!