Thursday, May 24, 2012

Night Of Blood Beast Stills

Here's music that haunts you, then, beats you up! Alexander Laszlo did themes for NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST, ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES and BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE, and, boy, they all sound very similiar! We've already archived those two other movies, so, check 'em out!.. But, for now!.. NIGHT BLOOD OF THE BEAST! (It really looks like that's what it says!)

The director of Blood Beast and Giant Leeches was a terrific guy that Rodan!, Eegah!! and Tabonga!! all knew, so, tonight's dedicated to Bernie! Did you know, Bernie's younger brother is the drummer for The Beach Boys!

Its lots of fun to watch Mike pull those levers, I mean, he pulls back on them like they're brakes on a downhill racer! Great acting!.. Okay, then, he crashes and dies!


I think making movies gave Edwin an excuse to light up whenever he felt like it! Interesting exhale pattern!

A good sci-fi movie is not complete without a scientist looking into a microscope!

But, cartoons?!!.. Oh, well, looks pretty weird, I guess, if you were a little kid!

Sometimes, old science pervs just gotta have a hot, young chick!.. "Hey, Mike's dead! C'mon!! Loosen up!"

There are some obvious similarities to THE THING, which, ain't a bad idea! I'm sure that's what Gene was going for at times, but, to spend only about 2 cents on the dollar?!!.. Sheesh!

This is Georgianna Carter, who, did one other picture, THE WILD RIDE in 1960. She happened to be Jack Nicholson's very first love interest!!

Whoa!.. Looks like they're X-Raying Georgianna!.. But, no, it's Mike after he wakes up and scares the crap outta the women!! Then, they discover this nest of babies inside him!! Little shrimpy sea horsies!.. Now, that actually was extra weird and shocking in 1958!!

Blood Beast decides to try a female this time!!

Boy, Mike needs to go on a diet!.. Oh, yeah, I forgot... He's pregnant!!

So, poor, misguided Blood Beast gets toasted at the end! In the '50s, the monster always lost!.. Sad!

Gallery Of Horror Stills With John Carradine & Lon Chaney

The other Dr. Terror movie that had the Biff Bailey Voodoo Jazz was so brilliant, you just knew any other Dr. Terror title would have something great in it!! Wrong!! Seems like "Dr. Terror's Gallery Of Horrors" is the biggest wannabe Hammer film ever, that makes it on absolutely no levels at all. It's filmed in Hollywood, the stories are terrible, the acting is worse and there's not even any credits for the music, but it does actually have one saving grace. The music from the closing credits is an inspired Zappaesque hodgepodge of sound that, well, while it's not worth sitting through the movie for, should be heard, so here you be, the very intelligent "Ending Credit Music" from one of the stupidest films I've ever seen! What a dichotomy!!!

John Carradine as the narrator is used once again for his name alone!!

The guy on the left looks a little like William Shatner, I guess that's a plus!

This guys pretty ugly and kind of creepy!!

This camera angle works really well when Freddie Francis uses it or in a "Doom" game, but it's overused to ill effect in this film!

Lon Chaney's talent is completely wasted, but it does look like he has three hands in this shot!!

This is exactly how I felt after watching this film too, so dazed and confused, even John Carradine couldn't bring me back to reality.

Ironcastle By Roy Krenkel

Paperback Covers With Gray Morrow