Thursday, June 28, 2012

Death Patrol Hero Tale

Invisible Justice Hero Tale

Criminal Thug Punk Trayvon Martin Got What He Asked For

The counter culture, drug, and anarchist Left has developed over the years a rather extensive street language of which Conservatives need to be aware, because it’s moved off the street and out of the drug dens into mainstream political discourse.

Using very common terms, there exists a parallel universe dialect to communicate vulgar and abusive insults through the most innocuous rhetoric. Thus, all sorts of hidden messages are conveyed openly in public, without the public understanding it’s all code.

The Tea Party public did not know for over a week that the highly paid network ‘news reporters’ were displaying their true dirty characters, looking straight into the camera and taking advantage of general ignorance of the term ‘tea-bagger,” using a gay slang name for a sex act to insult the Tea Party movement in the most demeaning manner possible.

The Trayvon Martin case: it was widely reported that he was a little kid with a bag of Skittles and a bottle of ice tea. It’s a confirmed fact that Trayvon was over 6 feet tall, a 17-year-old young man and suspended from his school for possession of traces of drugs. So, what’s so relevant about the Skittles and ice tea?

In the street slang: Skittles: A misc mix of assorted narcotics pills, tossed together in a bag. Due to the random collection, it is usually multi-colored like a bag of Skittles. Potentially lethal, as identification of the individual pills is not possible, so the effects are an unpredictable high.

Ice tea: a slang term for pot

While some local Florida schools encouraged kids to solidarity parade with candy Skittles and cans of ice tea, the truth remains shrouded … no one knows outside the police department and the prosecutor which Skittles and ice tea Trayvon had in his possession – highly germane to the circumstances of the case.

Thug Punk Trayvon Martin Totally Exposed

HatTip Sharon – “stretchinout fo’ sum Tea and Skittles“

“Tea” – A slang term used by Jack Kerouac and the Beats when refering to marijuana, seen in Kerouac’s novel On the Road.
…………. “Ask him if we can get any tea. Hey kid, you got ma-ree-wa-na?”

“Tea” – a much older term for marijuana, made popular dating back from the 1930′s. today it is considered obsolete and a great way to cover up what you’re REALLY talking about.
………….”man, if i had some tea, i’d be in herbal heaven.”

Skittles” – also known as beans, ecstasy, rolls, E, X, Adam, Stacy, Clarity
…………. “Hey dawg how much for 30 skittles”?

Skittles” – With Skittle bag, sometimes used to refer to miscellaneous heterogeneous mix of various narcotic pills, jumbled up in a bag (usually leftovers donated to the communal skittle bag). Often multicolored like a bag of skittles. Incredibly dangerous, as the actual contents are often unknown, and, thusly, the effects are often a surprise high.
…………….. “Yo, break open the bag o’ skittles and let’s do some lines”.

Skittles” – Skittles aka dxm, and somtimes known as ecstasy, Coricidin (DXM) abusers refer to the bright-red pills as “Skittles.”

Another odd dimension to this entire narrative of going to the 7-11 for “Tea and Skittles” is the distance from where he was to the nearest convienience store. MarketTicker asks the question and does some simple research: Trayvon Martin was allegedly out at night, on foot and in a rainstorm getting iced tea and skittles. Ok, here’s the address where the altercation took place from the police report:

2381 Retreat View Cir Sanford, FL 32771 – Now go to Google Maps and type in that address. Next, find me a convenience store — you know, a place to buy skittles and an iced tea. Just type in “convenience store” in the “Search Nearby” box. Where’s the closest one and how far is it on foot?

The purple DOT is his location. The closest “convienience store” is a mile away. In a rainstorm, for a bag of skittles and can of iced tea, both ways? Possible? Sure. Plausible? That story ought to be able to be checked, and rather easily — all convenience stores these days have video recorders.
So has anyone checked to see if indeed the deceased hiked the anywhere from 2-4 miles to and from one of the half-dozen convenience stores in the general area (none closer than about a mile on foot, incidentally, and all somewhat of a pain in the ass to get to due to what appears to be a limited access highway — 417 — between the location and the stores which would force you to walk quite a bit further than you could go “as the crow flies”.)
These are pretty basic questions. In fact the closest convenience store is a Murphy USA; to reach the others north of the location (the ones south are a LOT further) you’d have to walk past it, so it’s highly likely that’s the store — if the story of going out for skittles and iced tea holds up.

Does it? Has anyone checked?

There is a 7-11 closer than those identified in google map. Apparently there is one about a mile from the house as seen in this highlighted map from the New York Times.

“If I had a son, he’d look just like Trayvon Martin”

- President Barack Obama