Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Undertaker Horror Tale

Invisible Invaders Stills With John Carradine

Dungeon favorite Mr. Paul Dunlap up again tonight, just after last night!!! Then, Rodan! tell me he up again on Sunday!!... WHAT GIVES?!

So, give big listen to Theme, Fighting Zombies & Screech Gun! See if you can hear similiarities to 'nother flick he make, THE ANGRY RED PLANET!

Tabonga miss the '50s, get all misty when see A-bomb blowing crap out of something!.. Sigh!

In 2 more second John Carradine experiment blow up in face! Later, he go to see Adam Penner as zombie and show him invisible rock!!.. Wow, John good actor, he make it look like he really have invisible rock!!!

Screech gun really piss off that zombie!

Guys lucky, have cool garage to dress up for play fighting with monsters!

Hey, that John Agar in there!!

Good shot John!.. Right in bread basket!! (Neighbor kids like to play too!)

This show you how fast rising star plummet in Hollywood!.. Here is Tabonga brother 'IT!' one year after star in IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE! Now, he have bit part in cheap flick. You can see he drunk!.. Poor bro!

Anybloody notice that all zombie have suits?!

John look so cool in radio-active suit holding screech gun!

Hey, what dirty trick! Dick Cheney brother pop out from behind Bush and shoot John when back is turned!

John aim at spaceship with screech gun!

And... BOOM!!! Game over, Man!

Ladies and germs, I present people who save Earth from... THE INVISIBLE INVADERS! Robert Hutton, Jean Byron, John Agar and Philip Tonge. Philip Tonge die before this flick release!