Monday, April 8, 2013

Idol Horror Tale

Carpet Of Horror Stills

Hey, it's Saturday night and that's always a good time for something Great!!!! Usually!! Except for tonight, of course, for in an ever far reaching effort to come up with every obscure title in the world, Tabonga obtained this movie for you, not without hardship, having almost lost a branch, at some third world flea market in Trinidad or Tobago from a vendor of some ill repute, I must admit, and I'm just not sure it was worth it! So, whatever, here you go, music from the worst possible print imaginable, it's "The Carpet Of Horror"!! We usually like to post these films with their original title, but for this one, we had to use "The Carpet Of Horror" because it is without a doubt, the worst crossover translation from another language title ever conceived!!!

This is the first guy to feel the amazing killer choking power of the poison rug, I mean "The Carpet Of Horror!"

Don't get religion of any sort or ilk involved or we're all doomed!!!

Oh, No, it's another hand in a glove from behind a curtain! AAAAAaaaaahhhhHHHHH!!!!!! I can't take it!!!!

The extra prolific and incredibly talented Italian composer, Maestro Francesco De Masi had a long and varied career in 'sword & sandal' and 'spaghetti western' films, and will be long remembered for his work in "Fistful Of Knuckles!" Yow!!! The Best title of all time or what??

It's funny, if you can find a watchable copy, it's really not a bad little film! With an outstanding score from Francesco, this film follows in the Dr. Mabuse genre with sick people doing weird horrible things to each other, this time, sneaking in and using the poison gas on the rug, mad killer variation, but with good music in the background!