Thursday, September 13, 2012

Invasion Stills

Award winning director Alan Bridges was born September 28, 1927 in Liverpool, and is still chillin' today, as far as we know. Most of the body of his work is in British TV from the 60's to the 90's, and it appears "INVASION" was one of his rare outings into film! He was joined on this trip by composer Bernard Ebbinghouse, a man we haven't spoke of here before. They had worked together before on "The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre" 1960-62! It seems that Bernard also worked on an obscure 1969 Freddie Franics comedy killer/thriller called "Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly" or in the U.S. simply "Girly," that we're going to have to try an unearth a copy of ourselves! This piece of music by Masestro Ebbinghouse is unique, weird, timeless and we dig it a lot!

In a nutshell, they hit a space guy with their car, and bring him back to the lab to fix him, if they can! Really, they shouldn't feel that bad because the guy was walking straight at them in the middle of the road and the middle of the night! Comparisons to society today in general would be well beyond superfluous!!

The guy on the left is supposed to be watching the big dials on those gauges, but we're shown what he's really reading about in the right picture closeup!

I forgot why the Hell they used this upside down cat shot, but it's still funny!!

The Doctors have no clue what is going on! Nada, Nichts, Nothing!!!

The Aliens are all oriental and are like poison candy! They seem to be very sweet, but they kill!!!! "We did not mean to kill him" then they stab somebody else with a pair of scissors!

Most of the rocket footage looks like stock Air Force stuff, then, out of nowhere, they throw this at you!!

When it lands, it looks like this, but they get it all polished up before it takes off again!!

The music here ends with this paranoid sloshing through the sewers sequence! If that's what it takes to inspire cool music, so be it!!!

This is a curious UK film that is very well made, and fun to watch if you're ready to do some thinking, and as long as you're not looking for "Action City!"

Dr Satan Stills

Dr. Satan confuses me a bit! He is obviously eviler than Hell incarnate, and he's not even The Boss, but he's also the good guy because he's fighting some one eviler than himself, and this outing, it's Black Magic, but Black Magic isn't black, he's Asian, and not a magician, but a vampire! You see what I'm saying? Anyway, it's quite a struggle, and the music follows along somehow because the very experienced composer, Luis Hernández Bretón knew what he was doing, along with the help of Sound Man José Li-ho!!

The coolest laboratory doors ever!! The electronic squiggles you'll hear are the sound of the doors opening & closing!!

I wish I had a cool lab like this!!

I don't even understand why Dr. Satan needs such a cool lab, he could do these kind of stuffs in the dungeon or even in the bed room!

Now he's got the Zombie Girls under his power, so he's almost unstoppable! This is a great shot, by the way!!

I don't know, my Spanish isn't perfect, but this Dr. Satan deal doesn't look like such a bad gig to me! Good night girls!!

One dark night Dr. Satan pays Mr. Black Magic a visit, and shoots a little harpoon thing into his jugular vein, only too find out he's a vampire. Unfazed, Black Magic turns into a bat and has to be pulled off of Dr. Satan by the Zombie Twins!

So, without further adieu, Presenting tonight's extra special feature, in super dynamic living colour, Ladies and Gentlemen, Our Buddy Dr. Satan in: "Dr. Satán Y La Magia Negra"!!!!!!

As bad as he'd like to put on, Black Magic's not really that bad of a cat. Here, he cuts up with his girlfriend and his best friend!!!

Uh, Oh! It's the Boss!!!! You guys better get off the internet!!!

It's just like wrasslin', obviously Black Magic doesn't have the huevos to stand up to Dr. Satan and the Girls, it's a set up, send in the next chump!!! Black Magic is going down!!

Pictopia Horror Tale

Pharoah Curse Stills

Well, "The Curse" seems to be working pretty dang good around these parts, right about now.

Just in case there is the slightest possibility you didn't notice, this is a "Bel-Air" production!!!!

The DVD of "Pharaoh's Curse" that Tabonga scored from a street vendor in Cairo, wouldn't play much past the five minute mark, so we can't give you all the musical thrills and pictures you and this picture deserve!

No thanx to modern technology, the Internet connection in my cave is intermittent at best until I can get some help out here, so what that all adds up to, is this quick post of the theme from the classic 1957 film, "Pharaoh's Curse!" It stands alone with an excellent soundtrack by the almighty Les Baxter! I can't imagine, what would these movies have done without him??

The real wild west, except for the fact that it's in the east, where still to this day, in certain areas, you shoot first and ask questions later!

AAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Saw this for the first time in "Famous Monsters Of Filmland" magazine!!!!