Monday, September 17, 2012

Shaman Hero Tale By Neal Adams



Hypnotic Eye Stills

So, this how flick start, pretty gurl put something in hair and go over to stove and turn burner on high. Then she put face close and catch her hair on fire! Gurl freakin' crazy!!

Or, maybe she... Hypnotized!!

Weirdo newspaper dude throw darts to pick stories from wall of possibilities!


Okay, now you have to take a crap! A big one!!! (So sorry everbloody, Tabonga have twisted funnybone!)

Sometime Desmond make audience act like Curly, and they cannot stop til he say so... STUPID!!

Detective Steve agree with Tabonga... STUPID!!

Oh, so here is irrestible 'Hypnotic Eye' that make gurlz act so damn crazy?!.. Give Tabonga a break!!


Tabonga never pass up chance to show nice '59 Ford!

This dude name is Lawrence Lipton, "King of the Beatniks." Tabonga pretty sure he just make that up (he have only one acing job, this one!). Two guy that totally blow Larry out of water are Julian Burton from Dungeon favorite BUCKET OF BLOOD, which we already post, and Go Man Van Gogh from Bob Clampett's BEANY & CECIL!!!

Allison mean bitch here! She getting water super hot so detective gurlfriend can take shower in it!!

Okay, here why Allison so mean and make Desmond make pretty gurl ugly! She all messed up TOO!! So, she get revenge on unsuspecting victim!! At end, Allison fall off scaffold and land on Desmond!! Oh, flick banned in Finland!

Agu Lorna Tale