Thursday, September 6, 2012

Night Of Demon Stills

Well, here's another Sunday evening, time for another CLASSIC movie from the fantastic '50s! I outta know, I was there!.. In fact, I saw this gem when it came out and its still one of the best!!

NIGHT OF THE DEMON is the original British title, the movie was made in Britain. When released in the USA, 12 minutes was trimmed off and the title was changed to CURSE OF THE DEMON. Columbia video released the 95 minute uncut British print as 'CURSE' in the '80s either as a new 'longer' version or out of stupidity!! Take your choice...

This will be a first and last time we feature Mr. Clifton Parker for music in a monster movie!.. This is the only one he did!! But, he did work on 6 episodes of WALT DISNEY and did some cool movies like THE HELLFIRE CLUB and MYSTERY SUBMARINE!! So, here's something we like to call around here... Curse Of Night Of The Demon! Funny thing, there are no runes at Stonehenge!!

This film starts out with a wallop!! Then, you don't really see the demon in all it's glory again until the end, but, who cares?! You do get a glimpse, though, half way through, as our unbelieving hero is chased through the woods at night by a ball of smoke and light!.. It totally scares the bejeezers out of him, too!! Anyway, the message is clear, beware the ancient runes, and, whatever you do, do not make fun of the devil!!

Also, The Demon was on the cover of Eegah!! and Tabonga's 1964 self published Monster Magazine, DWRAYGER DUNGEON #1!!

Here's one for you!.. Did you know that Howard Hughes designed The Constellation airliner for TWA?!.. So, in the plane, on his way to England, Dana Andrews acts like a typical American ass and gets the attention and ire of Peggy Cummins! They find out later that he was on the way to England to see her uncle!.. You know, the guy with the car that gets killed at the beginning!! Once he gets into town, Dana gets the scoop on local demons and devil worship!

Here are two great stills of the fireball as it harrasses Dana in those creepy old woods!

Okay, here's why the American version is 12 minutes shorter! They cut the entire seance scene!!.. No wonder, its freaking embarrassing!! Anyway, I totally prefer the American version without that!! YOW!!.. See if you agree, its part of the sound clip tonight!!

Dana cleverly hands back the parchment to bad guy Karswell at the end, and, then, Karswell really gets it good!! The last still shows the demon literally tearing him to shreads as the train flies by!!

Rocket Attack Stills

Wow!! And I mean it!! Barry Mahon made three movies in 1961, a Dungeon fave, "The Dead One", "Pagan Island", and this film "Rocket Attack U.S.A.!" This one might just be the weirdest of the three, even the music credits only say "RFT Music Pub. Co."

Now why would Bakersfield born Barry Mahon write, direct, and produce a movie that was basically a strategically released cold war propaganda film, and then have to turn to making soft core porn for most of the rest of his career? It's not that difficult to understand when you know that Barry was a World War II fighter pilot for the British Royal Air Force before being shot down and taken prisoner. Not all P.O.W.'s go on to have glorious careers, but Barry was a very patriotic American, just the same, & I'm sure he thought this story needed to be told because he probably thought it was a very real threat, what was going on with Sputnik & ICBM's etc, but then, after that, it was probably psychologically, a whole hell of a lot easier, to just make cheesy little sex movies!

Here, John McKay waits in the little Russian club, not looking the least bit suspicious, but wondering what he's going to do after they finish this movie!

This "KACE" Klub has loads of entertainment with a rockin' band that plays all night long, and lovely dancers like this!!! I have to admit, the girl in the background, looks pretty bored, like she's seen this act a few times before!

I think that's the girl you're supposed to make kontact with John, and she's also the only one in the whole place paying any attention to you!

Oh, Great, bring on the dancing fire eater, this is turning into a regular Russian luau, and the band plays on with even more vigor!!

Is this place really worth guarding??

Well, I don't know what else you would want it to be!!!! Marge!! Get out the entrenching tool and the tequila, it's time to start working on the fallout shelter again!!!

Terrified Stills With Denver Pyle

Last time, Tabonga post THE TERROR with Jack (LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS) Nicholson, so tonight we have TERRIFIED with Rod (THE CRAWLING HAND) Lauren.

Flick start with dude tied up and covered in... crust?? Anyway, he actin' all 'terrified' an being big baby about it! ....Of course, then he die!!

Okay, when you see big eye, it time to get... TERRIFIED!

Dude name Michael Andersen makin' great music here! He only work on five project, that it!! But, one is 12 TO THE MOON!! Here we see the wise guys in the sound clip face wrath of David after they deliver lines. Marge tell David to cool it!

Rod kinda look normal here while talking to David and Marge, but he have some serious bats in belfry. So, what you think he want to do?!! Right, he decide to go hang out in haunted place with dark old graveyard!..

After get off work, Marge and David go to haunted place to check up on Rod and whacky plan... Good freakin' idea! Something not good going on around here!!

Rod not exactly having Swiss pic-nic either!! Some cat in black hood totally messing with him!.. One dirty trick after 'nother! Finally, Rod get untied from chair, break out window and head for hills!!..

Actually, Rod go back and get beat up again by cat! Then Rod get buried alive!! Cat only want one thing... MARGE!!!! How can you blame him?!

So, end up in cave. Cat take mask off and what else, old dude want hot young chick!! Oldest story in book!!!.. Then, good ol' Denver Pyle and Deputy come and shoot his ass!

Flame Barrier Stills

Just like "Pharaoh's Curse", this DVD flamed out before we could get much past the "Sauza 100 Anos Blanco," I mean, the theme. There wasn't much more interesting music anyway, but I would have liked to get a few more stills.

Did you ever think about it? The coolest thing about a rocket launching countdown, is, the clock has to run backwards! It's all starting to make sense now!

Composer Gerald Fried is an idol here for some of his work in the genre, but it doesn't make locating The Hollister Brothers any easier in Mexico!

Double or Nothing!!

This great Mexican cabbie gets no credit at all!

Robert Brown as Matt Hollister is a very convincing drunk!

Arthur Franz, from what we've heard, here as brother Dave Hollister, is still pissed off to this day!!!