Friday, June 22, 2012

Island Of Terror Stills With Peter Cushing

Unless you really start thinking about it, you just don't really realize how many 'Island Monster/Voodoo/Jungle Out Of Control' movies were really made back in the good old days!! We still haven't counted them all either, but for now, here's one more!!

This time it's a UK Planet Productions film from 1966 called "Island Of Terror" and it's a fun, but silly little romp!

The love affair between Edward Judd and Carole Gray was just heating up, but as luck would have it, it would have to be postponed, or we got a completely different story!! The Doc does have a cool bachelor pad though!!

Composer Malcolm Lockyer is the gentleman responsible for the music, having also composed the music for "Dr. Who and the Daleks" and many other non-horror films. To show you his ability to swing, he also conducted The Million Airs Orchestra in 26 Glenn Miller tribute concerts before his death in 1976. A very talented man without a doubt!

I never get this part, the door says "Keep Out Radiation Danger" and they act like it says "Welcome!! Please come in!

It's not like they didn't really a have a warning!!

Then the really stupid looking killer mutant cancer cell disgustingly splits open and spills out it's chicken noodle soup guts to the world!

He's killed a number a of vampires in his career, but it looks like Peter Cushing has finally met his match!! Screams for Kreng in the background!

"Thunderbirds" composer Barry Gray is credited for any electronic sound effects you might hear in this man with no bones or any number of the other scary scenes!

What is it anyhow, are people just inherently stupid? I distinctly heard the man say, "Stay Away From The Windows!!" See where not listening gets you, kids??

Psycho A Go Go Stills

Hey, it's Friday night, so let's rock, and get ready to rumble, because this is the final installment we have for you from the loco extra-weird Al Adamson production known as "Psycho A Go-Go." So, to kick it off....."Now for her final show, the very lovely Linda Clark!" Here's Tacey Robbins as Linda doing "Ordinary Boy" which was the flipside of her 45 release "My L.A."

This film was sliced and diced and pieced back together with added bad footage and re-released in 1972 as "Blood Of Ghastly Horror."

Go-Go Girls go go go!!! So, is this a great movie or what?

Lyle Felice as the Boss named Vito is quite despicable in this role, and yet he has lots of time to keep himself well groomed! You can just tell that he's already got lots of bad stuff planned!! You might remember Lyle from his only other Hollywood role as the Deputy in "Cape Canaveral Monsters!"

Here Tacey belts out this slow yawner of a torch lounge song, called "Who Needs You" written by Jimmie Roosa!

This is the point where it really starts getting weird. They introduce the Christy Minstrel doll that sings "Swanee River"in this gawdawful freaky little voice, and later, they start playing reprises that will worm under your skin even more! Just whatever you do, never listen to it more than one time in a row or you will go stark raving bonkers, guaranteed!

So right about here it's time to introduce Roy Morton as bonafide psycho Joe Corey!! Seems like Roy only ever had one more role, and that was in a 1972 film called "Fuzz" where he played a rapist!! Wow, imagine that!

So they're all going to go for a nice little ride, and did I forget to tell you that the little girl is even more irritating than the doll!! Joe hasn't quite totally lost his cool yet!!

Really classy pad they're taking them to!! Al sez spare no expense!!

Anyway, Roy is wound up pretty tight, and he was either a great actor or a real psycho!

The final chase scenes were shot at Mammoth Lakes, Calif.(Mommoth in the credits) and the beautiful landscape was used to ultimate advantage once again by future Oscar winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond AKA William Zsigmond. This film looks awesome for the money they used to make it!!

Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention the Go-Go Girls?

Valley Of Gwangi Stills

Okay, we probably should have saved this movie to present as a Sunday Night Classic, but you know, why be a lamebrain, there's only so many Sundays in a week, so tonight we get to feature the music from the 1969 Ray Harryhausen classic, "The Valley of Gwangi".

Yeah, I guess Spain is south of the Rio Grande!!

Who knew Richard Carlson could ride a horse??

"Morningside Productions" specialized in stop-motion animation and their list of releases is beyond reproach, featuring titles "20 Million Miles To Earth", "The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad", and "Jason And The Argonauts" besides this film!

In this scene James Franciscus as Tuck Kirby and Laurence Naismith as the professor wax poetic about what they are going to do with their discovery! When you listen to it out of context, it sounds like The Velvet Underground's "Murder Mystery" or something equally peculiar as they talk all over each other.

The music is composed by Jerome Moross and has a big heaping helping of "Gunsmoke", "Wagon Train," and "Big Country" mixed in!

Utilizing English director Jim O'Connolly, who had produced and directed titles like "Konga", "Escapement" and "The Night Caller" was genius, and makes this a fun movie to watch! This is definitely not your typical cowboy dinosaur movie, and is well worth spending a Saturday afternoon with!

Uruguayan born Gustavo Rojo does a great job of bulldogging this pterodactyl and is terrific through the whole movie!

It takes 9 guys to keep Gwangi out, and Tuck Kirby is right in the middle of it!!

A lot of the time, my mind does not agree with the color of the dinosaurs in Gwangi, but in this hot and cold shot, it looks absolutely amazing!!

Brave Hearts Brothers Of Spear Tale By Russ Manning