Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Killers From Space Stills With Peter Graves

Wow, Manuel Compinsky only compose for 3 flicks, KILLERS FROM SPACE, THE SNOW CREATURE and THE BIG BLUFF, 1954-5! Too bad, he make good stuff here! Theme and Other Cool Junk!

Peter Graves look safe in jet, then he crash and die! Colonel Banks tell Peter wife that Peter go poof and cannot find him!.. Whoa!! Wife cry for Frank while Colonel have a smoke. Very cool in '50s!!.. And look, Ike in picture hanging there, makes official, 1954! Later, Peter wander back to the base and surprise everbloody!

Do you think I look like I know what I'm doing?!.. Cause, I DON'T!..

Let Tabonga tell you a little story about Non-Flexible Collodian!! Well, you could buy at pharmacy and do crazy things on face, then scare living crap out of younger sisters!!! Ask Eegah!! he know.

Big eyeballs come into Peter bedroom at night and kinda bug him!

So, they give him truth serum to figure out what the hell going on around here!! Oh, see 'microphone' FBI dude holding?.. WRONG!

Peter start tell freakin' crazy story about bug-eyed space dudes with designer belts, big bugs and spiders in caves and space TV featuring bug-eyed Supreme Leader!.. So, no one beieve him!!

Finally, Peter figure out how space dudes stealing energy and he blow them sky high! Oh, same curtain in power plant and bedroom!!

Tabonga love make-up guy Harry Thomas, who come up with ping pong eyeballs for KILLERS FROM SPACE and he use again in FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER!

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