Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mask Of Satan Stills

Tonight we have the elegant ultra classic Italian film, BLACK SUNDAY, with our favorite girl, Barbara Steele! She is so hot!

But, she's been a bad girl, and, that ain't good!

The music here by Mr. Nicolosi gives a glimpse of the atmosphere he creates. It looks like he was a classic Italian drama composer mostly. Les Baxter did the music for the American version!! So, here's the theme, a piece at the Pub or Inn or wherever, and, then... HORROR! The Black Mask Of Satan On Sunday!

Did you know that the guy with the over-sized mallet is going to pound that mask onto the face of the bound and helpless, Babs?! And, were you aware of the fact that the inside of the mask is lined with spikes?!!

Although we are posting this one as BLACK SUNDAY, our print is THE MASK OF SATAN (which is a much better title). That's why we know Les Baxter doesn't do the music!

Scorpions come out of her eye sockets!!

The most beautiful witch in the world!..

Is that John Entwistle?!... Oh, well, who cares when you have a bar-maid like that?!

I'm so glad I missed this one when it came out! This part is damn creepy!!

Babs' evil helper has just uprooted his grave marker from below and is headed towards some mayhem!

Sensing danger!..

Barbara commands her servant to do her bidding!


This movie was directed by the great Mario Bava, who also directed the Dungeon favorite CALTIKI, THE IMMORTAL MONSTER a year earlier!

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