Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Robot Stills

Antonio Díaz Conde does music, he have amazing career from 1942-74!! So, here is tonight offering... Robot vs Mummy!

First thing, science club geek go visit Dr. Almada and wife Flora. Second thing, Tabonga love gurl who wear top like that!!!

Dr. Almada start telling geek dudes crazy wild story about Flora was in love with Mummy from long time ago and was also there!!.. And, geeks fallin' for it!!

Tonight sound clip have part when Aztec have ceremony to cut out Mummy tongue (ouch!) and kill forbidden lover... FLORA!! When gurlie sing, make Tabonga bark splinter!!.. That 3 minute 18 second of ag-go-ney, AG-GO-NEY!!..

THE ROBOT vs THE AZTEC MUMMY is part 3, and last part in 'Aztec Mummy' series. What drive Tabonga whacky is they use exact complete scene in every one!!!

Then, genius Jerry Warren come up with idea to use complete version in one of his Mexican paste-up job!!.. CARRUMBA!!!

Give Eegah!! high five for giving shorter version!

Boy, Mummy really save on electricity!.. Then Dr. Knucklehead use cross to confuse Mummy!

Now, here Tierno, henchman for Dr. Krupp aka The Bat, or 'the badguy'!!.. He shoot Mummy with Tommy Gun, so Mummy get mad and push him in acid!!

No, this not look suspicious at all!!

Some still a real hoot for Tabonga!

Pinacate and Dr. Almada kickin' badguy butt!!!

Graveyard hick never seen a robot before!!

Okay, here the deal!.. Mummy crazy horny after many century, not care who, who!.. You see hilarious result! Then Mummy turn to Dr. Krupp and Tierno!!!

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