Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thug Punk Trayvon Martin Was Out Casing For Robbery

Trayvon Martin’s parents now admit that he was suspended for having a “pot baggie,” after having previously lied about the reason for his last suspension, but they and their lawyers now deny the revelation that last fall, a school police officer found a bunch of presumably stolen woman’s jewelry in his backpack, along with a screw driver burglary tool.
Benjamin Crump, chief liar, er, lawyer, for Trayvon Martin's parents.

The police investigation of the jewelry apparently went down the memory hole, and Martin benefited from law enforcement affirmative action, when detectives refrained from forcing him to either name the person who had "given" him the jewelry, or be arrested.

And Martin’s own brother sent him a tweet days before he got himself shot responding to news that Trayvon had taken a swing at a school bus driver.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that Trayvon Martin’s parents and lawyers could not be trusted to give you the correct time of day.

They are focused on reaping a multimillion-dollar windfall off of Martin’s death.

They really belong with Al Dullton, Spuke Lee, Benjamin Crap, Jesse Jacksoff and the Nation of Islam’s Old New Black Panther Party.

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