Thursday, April 25, 2013

Attack Of Crab Monsters Stills With Russell Johnson

Nice title card!

Tonight feature big "nukuler" blast like last night!!.. WHEEEEEEE!!!

Cool, make fish look like that!

Swimming in fish tank!

Oh, look, it Pamela Duncan!!

And Professor!!.. What gives?!.. Where Gilligan?!

Russell (The Space Children) Johnson, Richard (Bev's husband) Garland, Leslie (Teenage Caveman) Bradley.

If you not want to get giant crabs!..

Throw grenade!!

If that not work, throw more!!

And if that not work, run like hell!!

Okay, here funny story!.. At beginning, Ed Nelson blow up in airplane, then Beach Dickerson get kill by giant crab... Well, that Ed and Beach under there working giant crab!!

Pleasant dream and good night everybloody!!

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