Monday, May 14, 2012

Bowery Boys Meet Monsters Stills


Paul Wexler plays Grissom, the butler. Looks like he's the model for Lurch!

Huntz as the ultimate clown...

The meter says it all, folks!!

Grissom is asked to drink a potion, and, this is the result!

This here little lady is Ellen Corby! I swear, she was one of the busiest actors ever in the history of Hollywood, totally incredible resume!!

She's watering some weird looking plant, like a deformed tree!

Okay, I have to be honest with everyone, this is Tabonga's older cousin, Flora!.. He went into hiding tonight because I'm posting this movie and he's totally embarrassed that they're related, and, that she's!.. HOMELY AS HELL!!

No 'spending the night' scene is complete without ear muffs, stripes, a tie or headgear!

In the lab, the robot's always knocking it's head off when the guys aren't paying attention! That's an uncredited Norman Bishop playing Gorog, the robot!

Recognize this ape from a Stooges short?!.. I do! That's an uncredited Steve Calvert playing Cosmos, the ape!


Flora has a strange way of showing affection!!.. How does a tree have sex, anyway?! We'll have to ask Tabonga!

I think it was Moe that wore those stretch arms!! I'd bet that some of that stuff came from cartoons!

Huntz drinks some of that potion and finally gets some revenge on Leo!!

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