Friday, May 3, 2013

Brain Eaters Stills With Leonard Nimoy

It's Saturday night, and that means it's time for "The Brain Eaters!"

There's no turnin' back til we get to the end!!

Once again I'm going to quote from the original 1964 "Dwrayger Dungeon's 25 Worst Movies" article, "# 7 "The Brain Eaters" was also a dud. The story was about little animals who ran amok getting on the backs of everyone; but not the hero. While destroying the pipe cleaner antannaed nut brain eaters, the hero killed himself. Everyone proclaimed a new hero, the dead mayor's son, who never did nothing throughout the whole ignorant movie."

I just watched this movie again, and I stand with the original review. Here we have the hero Ed Nelson, sporting the classic wifebeater hospital outfit!

Lenoard Nimoy or Nemoy as he is called here plays the weird old space hippie dude in the smoke filled chamber long before they had hippies, more of a Jesus complex I guess!

Sweet '57 white T-Bird!

The Mayor's son's wife, hot rod girl Jody Fair lets one rip!!

To be fair, in retrospect, this is a very trippy little film. Veteran actor turned director, Bruno VeSota's work on such films as "Dementia" gave him a keen insight into the weird side of movie making and Dungeon hero Ed Nelson's talent runs rampant throughout the whole affair!

Get this!! The Mayor's screctary Alice portrayed by Joanna Lee, was a writer for such sitcoms as "Gilligan's Island" and "Gidget!" Not too funny here as she shoots and kills hero doctor lover Ed Nelson!!! I totally lost respect for her for letting those little space beggars take charge of her overly endowed brain!

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