Sunday, May 20, 2012

Castle Of Frankenstein With Peter Cushing & Roy Krenkel


So, the beginning of the article says that Arnold Friedman called CoF to say that Charles W. Fries from Metromedia need some old horror comics of the 1950s, and they provided the ECs to Fries... but then, they were disappointed in the movie that resulted!

So, the article goes from there to talk about other horror anthology ovies, and then into the tales themselves...


It is nice that as each of the Tales are discussed, they mention which EC comic the story came from!


Page 41 features a half-page article on artist Roy G. Krenkel (who painted covers for ERB paperbacks in 1963 and 1964), with the promise of some of Krenkel's workbeing reprinted in this mag in the future.

The bottom half of the page is an ad for a hardcover edition of Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon comic strips, as well as a presumably 8mm full-length edition of Metropolis! The Flash Gordon book would run you $14.95 plus postage, while Metropolis would set you back $79.95, postage included!

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