Saturday, May 5, 2012

Creature With Atom Brain Stills

Tonight, he conductor of lame theme, then, some good sounds at bar! And, end with funny line! Listen to... Creature With Atom-Power Brain!

Oh boy! Here we go 'gin!.. Guy wearing radio-active bee keeping suit!! This time he making strong dead guys and putting cool atom-power TV camera in brain!!.... Wow!! Tabonga would like TV camera in brain too!!

Richard Denning playing big fat show-off again. He smartest dude on police force of course! Oh yeah, dummie on left is Richard bro!

You never know when evil bad guy spying on you, just like Dick Cheney!!

But, good guy have authentic... TA DA!.. RADAR FORD!! Sorry, pic is dark, but that is real RADAR FORD!! PHANTOM FROM SPACE 'nother fick that feature RADAR FORD!


Kill 'em!!.. Stomp 'em!!.. Crush 'em!!.. Bad guy start big fight with Army!!

In wrassling, call it 'free for all!'

Try bullets!!

Oops, bullet not stop this Atom Brain, only bad guy machine in lab can!

Okay, so Richard brother got turned into Atom Brain too, but he turn on bad guy and crash through window of lab to get him!

Bro remember he hate bad guy!!.. Hate 'em real bad!!!

So, he blow up lab and is real hero! Whoa, Richard almost get toasted there!

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