Friday, May 25, 2012

Disembodied Stills

You see, Allison have voodoo doll!

She like to play fun game with it!.. Well, fun for her!!

She pull hard and choke guy she hate because he SOB!

HA HA!!.. Stupid jerkface!!.. You get what diserrrv... Hey, wait!... That her husband!!

Oops!.. Allison have to quit choking, somebody come!

In spare time, Allison like to play with neighbor kids!.. She good dancer too!!

Dudes come from out of town to watch Allison and pals!!

Allison ready to hit dude with dead chicken, hard!!


Then, she pick up big sharp knife! (Like one in Tabonga heart!) Hey, look how they fix her top, Allison have too much cleavage for little boy who go to monster movie back then!!

She stab knife right in doll!.. She have good aim!

And make dude cry for mommie!!

But, anyway, Allison rule!

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