Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dr Z Stills

Tonight, in honor of the 2008 Olympics, we present the third and last musical installment from that strange and mysterious 1966 Jesus Franco classic, "The Diabolical Dr. Z!" Just like The Olympics, it's bizarre but yet still, quite mainstream too!! We've written before about the colossal talents of composer/actor Daniel White, and you can easily search this blog for more information if you didn't catch the details of his amazing credits the first or second time around!

Man, you've just got to love some of the insane titles of films that Estella Blain, seen here in this flyer/menu as "Miss Muerte", has been in, like "A Flea In Her Ear", "The Beast Is Loose", "Wild Fruit" or "The Hotheads!"

Her partner in this act is this plastic faced woman dude, and I'm sure it all means something really cosmically & socially important!

"And now ladies and gentlemen, I have the pleasure of introducing the strange and voluptuous Miss Death!" This music sounds like a cross between "13 Ghosts" and "Bitch's Brew" to this old man, but she does get like a standing ovation from the freaks in attendance!

Interesting shot from the balcony! I've been around a little, but I've never been in a club quite like this!

Argentinian born Mabel Campolongo Jaime or Mabel Karr as she's known here, was married to sword & sandal icon, veteran actor Fernando Rey! She is quite stunning here as the blonde Dr. Zimmer's daughter in the audience, but trust me, she has a couple of minor personality defects!

The finale of Miss Death's act!! Did it turn you on or did it scare you? I still don't quite get it"

Thank Jesus for taking us to some of the sleazier parts of town!! "Pretty girls everywhere, pretty, pretty girls!!"

By this time, Dr. Z's daughter is totally fried upstairs, but she's managed to have complete mind control, through better chemistry, over Miss Death!

She sends Miss Death out prowlin' the bar scene for some fresh meat!

Her accomplice man-servant gets extra freaky in the cab with some gas!!

And she's got a big machine to put, and hold you in your place, and it will pinch the crap out of you if you are not careful!! "Ow!!!"

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