Sunday, May 13, 2012

Earth Dies Screaming Stills

"The Earth Dies Screaming" is really a great little movie and a lot of fun to watch! The fab-tastic music is by Elisabeth Lutyens, one of the few women working in a largely male dominated field at the time. We've written about Elizabeth before, because she has a number of cool credits like "The Skull", Paranoiac" and "The Terrornauts" to mention a few! Elizabeth also seemed to work very well with musical director Phillip Martell on a number of features!!

Get ready, because they're coming to get you!!! Yeah, You!!!

Now you gotta admit that this looks like a real fun group of people to party with!!

Don't worry, everything will be okay, just don't get to close, Oops!! Zap!!! Oh, sorry lady!!

She just doesn't seem the same, you know, kind of vacant, strange, and not interested in sex anymore!

Oh, Man!! Alien Peeping Tom Perv, what could be worse than that??


Despite everything, the guys still have time to hang out at the local T & A Centre!!

Remember, the title does include the word "Screaming!"

Do you got a goosestep to go along with that salute there trooper??

Stupid alien robots weren't really that tough after all!!

The "Official Campaign Manual" basically breaks down to, Go see this movie!!

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