Friday, October 19, 2012

Gorgo Stills


Joe, here, sees something!! Too bad it doesn't look like he's under water!

Here's William (2001) Sylvester, Bill (THE GENIE) Travers and child actor Vincent (THE THREE LIVES OF TOMASINA) Winter. It's one strange triangle they have going here! To start with, William is an alcoholic and Bill is an abusive ass!.. And, even the kid can be a pain at times!

Here's one for Eegah!!.. Cheers!

I just love this shot! I think its the white walls on the trailer!

The guy on the right is Dorkin. If you're a MST3K fan, then, you probably know all the great 'Dorkin' jokes they did when they cut this one up!!

Yow, the things they could pass off as entertainment back in 1961!.. And, Dorkin's a high class guy!!

But, when they try to string up Xmas lights on Gorgo, man, that's the limit!!

I cannot remember the last time you could get a banana at the circus!!.. And, those two ladies crack me up!

That cannot be comfortable!

I think they just figured out that Gorgo... is a baby!!

Yep! Pretty much!.. Here comes the BIG one!

Tough guy London punks start crying for their mommies!!

DAAMMMNN!!.. No wonder!!



Gorgo KO's Big Ben!! (And, the crowd goes wild!)

Yeah, where's your cotton candy, now?!!

Great still! Gorgo's up there with Coca Cola and a coo-coo clock!


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