Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Land Unknown Stills

Finally we get to this great flick from 1957. Universal always superior!.. King of '50s US monster flicks, no doubt!!

But, funny thing! Universal music not big favorite here at Dungeon... Kinda dull when comparing with others. They use geniuses mostly for stock music? What gives?! Uncredited composers are Henry Mancini, Heinz Roemheld, Hans J. Salter + Herman Stein.

Shawn Smith get to go for ride in helicopter with Navy dude name Jock... in Antarctica!!

So, they flying along and it get foggy! Then, big stupid bird come along and smack into helicopter and have to make emergency landing in volcano!

Universal rules! Rex just got tummy sliced by helicopter blade!!

They run across this weird dude. He got lost in there before them, and, he want Shawn, bad!!

Creepy plant monster!

Awesome dinosaur!

Of course, everything work out at end. They fix helicopter and fly back to ship. Then, run out of gas and crash in ocean 2 second before landing!.. Sheesh!!

But, somehow, all worth it!

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