Saturday, May 12, 2012

Return Of Monster Stills

It's Friday Night Monster Theater with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Our featured flick is one nut-brained weirdie to be sure, a horror-western! It stars el Zorro Escarlata, defender of good, and, one of the strangest looking monsters ever, up there with THE BRAINIAC. That nice lobby card is still in my collection! Click on the pic to see it larger, and, you can notice the cool device they plugged into that lady's head in the insert!

Check out the excellent Mexicano theme and eerie transformation chills in the soundclip Eegah!! made for us! Sooo, you can push that big red 'GO' button, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here are some sounds from... THE RETURN OF THE MONSTER!

A deranged scientist is searching for the secret of eternal life. In order to help him in that quest, he employs the aid of an old, skeletonized witch! You can see her sitting there in the background. Here, the scientist tries to control one of his creations, The Monster!

Here's a pretty good close-up of the make-up... Sheesh!!

This scene, where The Monster slides down that steep stone embankment, makes me grimmace to watch it!! As he's quickly sliding down, he loosens up a giant bolder and it freaking lands on his legs after he hits the ground!! I don't know how he possibly got up and hobbled away, you just have to see it to believe it! By the way, this is an extremely hard title to get your hands on.

The Monster goes into this guy's house and steals his daughter out of her bed, then, dares the the guy to shoot at him. Notice in the poster that The Monster's carrying a girl, not a woman.

The Monster tries to hide in a barn, but, el Zorro Escarlata swoops down from the rafters on a rope and kicks the fiend in the chest! During the fight, the father comes and rescues his daughter.

A few bullets in the belly have no real effect on the thing!

Jus' plain Weirdsville!..

Even the old pitchfork in the chest only seems to piss him off...

Because, he throws it back at el Zorro Escarlata, just missing him! Some convincing effects used here!

The old Witch Hag orders the scientist to do her bidding, or, else!!

Jaime Fernández plays the human form of The Monster. Jaime had 171 acting credits and was also in ZONGA, THE DIABOLICAL ANGEL, THE MASK OF DEATH, SANTO vs THE ZOMBIES, SANTO vs THE VAMPIRE WOMEN, THE INCREDIBLE FACE OF DR. B, BLUE DEMON, BLUE DEMON vs THE SATANIC POWER and THE SHADOW OF THE BAT! In the top pic, steam pours off his head during transformation, freaky...

Then, you can hear him changing back in the soundclip, I love that stuff!!

As it should be, in the end, the old Skeleton Witch gets to burn forever in Hell!

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