Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tingler Stills With William Castle & Vincent Price


The 1959 William Castle film "The Tingler" is a trip!!!


This is The Boss, Mr. Castle himself, you do what he says!!!

This cat Bob Gunderson has the best EC Comics face of all time!!! It's very hard to translate a comic image into a real person or event to film, hence why all today's movies suck, but this guy proves it is possible!!

Vincent's wife is a tramp, he's experimenting with fear, what do you expect?

Patricia Cutts as Vincent's wife deserves all she gets and more!!

Bill, you've got a cool concept, a great cast and story, and you damn near almost ruin the whole thing with the hokiest rubber monster on a string ever. How does that happen?

Darryl Hickman, besides being a tremendous film star, also played his brother Dwayne's brother on the "Dobie Gillis Show" as Davey.

Well, it probably wasn't a good idea to shoot up that acid!!!

Pamela Lincoln says "I Do!" to co-star Darryl Hickman's real-life marriage proposal!!

These bloody bathtub scenes were shot in color in a black and white room!!

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