Saturday, May 26, 2012

Warning From Space Stills

"Uchûjin Tôkyô Ni Arawaru" is a very trippy film to say the least, and it was also released under a number of different titles, one of which was "The Cosmic Man Appears in Tokyo", so, as Jay & The Techniques would say in 1967, the year this film was actually released in the U.S., let's just "Keep The Ball Rolling!"

Seitarô Ômori was a memorable composer having written killer soundtracks for at least 20 years. The music here will show you his broad realm of skill from classic orchestral to Swing and even jazz with a Latin beat. It's totally out of control for 1956, and simply Amazing!!!

"What's wrong with the radio? How many payments are you in arrears?"

Hikari Aozora's poster from outside the Metropolitan Theatre looks Great!! Come on in!!

Believe it or don't, but this was Toyomi Karita's only film appearance!!!

Let's just check in with the this year's winner at the intergalactic hula-hoop contest!

Hikari Aozora!!!

What a dismal future!! Kind of as predicted whether the Star Guys are in charge or not!!

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