Monday, June 18, 2012

Adventure At Center Of Earth Stills By Jules Verne

Whoa! Already Tabonga Thursday!! So, tonight we go south of border and this time have Tabonga's very fave Mex Gurl, Kitty de Hoyos!!!!! Arriba!!.. Movie begin with 5 minute narration as words roll. Yawn!.. Probably okay if you speak Mex, or... Well, anyway, here's sounds from... CENTER OF EARTH! by great composer Raul Lavista!

Surreal Bat Attack!!.. Look like Frazetta!

Man, bats real mad at acrobat guy!!

Pretty good monstruo with nice sharp claw! We call him... Bat Dude!

Oh, this what happen if smoke in bat dude cavern!! You get claw in neck!!

Tabonga and Bat Dude love Kitty!

Here, Bat Dude tear ugly snake-eel in half and offer to Kitty, but, Kitty not hungry!!

Okay, cut to chase, then! Bat Dude want hot monkey love!!

Not really need caption here!

Boy, you know, Kitty look terrific from behind too!!!

Okay, just when things get interesting, Army guys show up with machine gun and start blasting?!!.. What gives?!

So, of course, they shoot poor horny Bat Dude in Bobo!.. COLD!!!

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