Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gog Stills

Tabonga here!.. Tonights we have metal and rivets gone berserk... "Science is never frightening, Miss Merritt."

Great artwork! This show that music dude have umlaut, so not pronounced "Suck, man!" But, this is theme for PSYCHO KILLER ROBOTS??!!! What gives?!.. GOG's THEME?

This how they test windshield wipers in 1950s!!

Everybloody want to get into act!.. Flick shot at real Air Force base!

At least doctor and Tabonga have two things in common!...

Whoa, Escheresque!!

'80s New Wave Dude can't get 'Thingama-bob' tuned!!.. AND, NOW SMOKING!!!

Patty Duke dad get paid $250 for two day work!.. Hey, not really get killed, just acting!

GOG take on anyone, anywhere, anytime!!

Uh, oh... Not bad enuf, there is also woman driver robot MAGOG! Look, she already crash into GOG!!

Good night, everybloody... Blue cosmic dreams!

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