Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mysterious Magician Stills

Eegah!! has submitted a neat little soundclip for our auditory indulgence, showing how much fun you could have with a movie theme back in 1964! I love this craziness, soooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there by the slobbering green Trigor, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's the coolest theme around, enjoy... THE MYSTERIOUS MAGICIAN!

This flick has a submarine that transports dead bodies to a secret underground location!

The intricate story goes something like this.. The sister of a famous criminal named The Hexer is mysteriously murdered, that's her in the submarine. Inspector Higgins of Scotland Yard is called in, he thinks The Hexer will surface to take his revenge on the killers, and, he plans to set some traps to capture him. As the dead bodies start piling up, it looks like The Hexer will elude the police yet again! The masked Hexer is only exposed in the last suspenseful minutes of the film.

The great Joachim Fuchsberger plays the astute Inspector Higgins, here, being driven around town by his girlfriend in her convertible. Joachim is still working today!

The Inspector has been participating in some photographic extracurricular activities with his secretary! His girlfriend checks it out.

Heinz Drache plays Wesby, here, aparently looking for clues to the mystery. Heinz was also in HYPNOSIS, COFFIN FROM HONG KONG, PSYCHO-CIRCUS, THE BRIDES OF FU MANCHU and THE MONSTER OF BLACKWOOD CASTLE.

The Inspector is hot on The Hexer's trail!

But, ends up in this half dressed girl's apartment!

Then later, gets to enjoy the company of his girlfriend after her hot steamy shower... What a life, poor guy!

I saw a few German art films when I was stationed there in 1969, they ALL had peep-hole voyeurism going on!

Here's a good shot of the secret submarine lair.

And, here's another good shot of a secret submarine lair.

So then, you'll just have to track down this little thriller to enjoy all the wild action for yourself!

The original German poster..

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