Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lone Shooter Fantasy Persists

Most Americans are completely clueless. They buy these lone shooter fantasies hook, line and sinker. Already sheared now awaiting slaughter for these not worth saving sheep.

The bottom line is that these operations are being undertaken by the Department of Injustice of supreme racist traitor Eric Holderup and those not so lovable Criminals In Action (CIA) hard line Nazi descendants.

The purpose is to galvanize law abiding Americans against guns so that the corrupt federal government can confiscate all firearms. Much easier to slaughter an unarmed population.

Official lies on these lone nut shooters are difficult to pinpoint since the fables change from day to day if not minute to minute. Two points to ponder about two of the government murder operations.

The guy who shot at the theatre in Colorado could not be identified due to being covered from head to foot. Since the feds have him pumped with God only knows what the laughable confession is a farce.

Guy wanted to murder as many as possible according to feds. Then why fire into ceiling (not warning shot), set off tear gas which hindered visibility in dark theatre even more then walk calmy out after shooting spree? Sirhan Sirhan?

Witnesses saw four dark garbed gunmen at temple shooting. Suspect murdered so no trial would be possible. Guy could not have physically done what corrupt feds charged him with doing. Lee Oswald Syndrone.

I know for a fact that the Old New racist Black Panthers are being armed and financed by the feds. Make that halfbreed traitor scum Hussein Obama. They are to the prez what the Black Guard (appropriate) were to Adolph Hitler.

Legal militia groups are under attack from the feds because such groups are the last line of defense against the dictatorship now in command. I expect no assistance from the USA military.

Oh well. Also love those images from that earthly desert which most braindead sheep believe are being beamed from Mars. Never Address Serious Allegations (NASA) are true sheep herders.


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