Sunday, August 26, 2012

Destroy All Monsters Stills

So, click here to DESTROY ALL CRITTERS!!

Watchin' monsters on Monster Island. All Earth monster rounded up and put there. Kept there by gas and electronic junk. Hey, it 1999!!

When you on Moon Base, you can see UFOs or make phone call to Earth and say stupid thing that don't translate to English good!!

Space Chick looking good, but don't try to touch boob!!!

Tabonga favorite goofball...

Rare dragon monster, I think also in ATRAGON.

Earth dudes seen enough!

Time to break Space Chick dealie-ma-whopper!.. And, they do it too!!!!

Back on Earth, all monsters get loose, tear crap outta everything, and then assemble in big field near Mt, Fuji! Man... Monsters pretty smart!

Space Chick have ace in hole, send out Ghidrah, 3 Headed Monster aka Monster Zero! He tough SOB, take on everbloody and be kickin' their ass!!..

Earth have to bring in second-string monsters, big ugly spider and Minya, Son of Godzilla!!

But, it all pay off somehow, Ghidrah get pounded into ground and all Space Chick get scared when Godzilla step on 'em!!

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