Sunday, August 26, 2012

Indian Scarf Stills

Although Edgar Wallace is known mostly as a mystery writer, he does play one very, very important part in the big picture of what we know as 'Monster' movies, just because of the fact that "King Kong" was his idea!! Edgar didn't actually write the script because he died while working on it! It just doesn't get much bigger than that! Edgar was a very popular writer and his books took an even bigger upsurge in the 60's, through a series of German films that went from 1959 to 1971! This series of films also helped elevate him to the position of writer with the most books made into movies award!

In 1963 Rialto Films released "Das Indische Tuch" or "The Indian Scarf" directed by the crazy amazing Alfred Vohrer!!

The music is composed by the phenomenal Peter Thomas, whose career spans at least 50 years of brilliance, and includes a number of these Edgar Wallace films! This stuff still stands original to this day!! I did some searching for you, and I couldn't find any Edgar Wallace on Netflix, but there are a number of titles available at Amazon, just in case you need a fix!

This very opulent room really bugs me!!! It's got a stuffed horse, and a giant bust!! What's up with that crap?

This is a very interesting pairing that reminded me a lot of some people you see in the news these days. A rather portly, well-dressed, white haired gentleman, and a younger, decent looking woman with her hair up, wearing horn-rimmed glasses, but it's 45 years ago!! Wow!!

Here is Klaus Kinski in the role of Peter Ross. Klaus had been in 3 or 4 other Edgar Wallace flicks before this, and his career was really getting rolling, but he was already probably getting kinda krazy!

Leave it to the Germans to come up with a whole new take on the 'spying eyes looking through the portait concept!!'

We're going for the big Edgar Wallace one, two punch, so be sure and check back in tomorrow night for the opus "Zimmer 13," or "Room 13." It's a Musical Mystery Monsterpiece way out and beyond compare!!!!

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