Friday, May 18, 2012

Collectibles With Beatles


I really like this frame-tray puzzle... I'm not sure what exactly makes it so appealing, it just is!


I can't believe I don't ever remember seeing this set when I was a kid... maybe my mom would spot it first, and divert my attention away from it? Funny, I remember the Golden Records Marvel book and record sets...


Nice mix of items here!


I would've loved to have had this Superman record player when I was a kid (or even as an adult)!


You know, they made an attempt to do something different with this Superman squirt gun, but I've got a feeling the water's coming out of Superman's fist.... nice idea, but they should've done this concept as a Green Lantern squirt gun instead, methinks...


I know I've shown the Thingmaker mold before, but when I came across this photo of it in the package, I had to save that, too!

Hmmm... guess this isn't all Superman stuff this time after all...


Underdog collectibles that I don't already have photos of are getting few and far between... at this point, I'm about ready to cancel that eBay search, because nothing new's come up in a while!


Here's an item that is begging to be reissued, in my not-so-humble opinion!


Here's a Mexican lobby card for Yellow Submarine!


And we wrap up Volume 7 of my "Cool Stuff" files with this poster for Zombies of the Stratosphere, one of the Rocketman/Commando Cody serials!

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