Friday, May 18, 2012

Famous Monsters Of Filmland With Forrest Ackerman Edgar Burroughs Lon Chaney Cousin Eerie Charlton Heston Boris Karloff Christopher Lee Bela Lugosi Edgar Poe Vincent Price Basil Rathbone Uncle Creepy Vampirella & Wally Wood


The first page (54) of You Axed For It features a still from The Exorcist!


Page 55 features this nice still from Mark of the Vampire!


Page 56 features stills featuring Boris Karloff, Basil Rathbone (from Son of Frankenstein), and Dwight Frye playing a Renfield-like character in But Whose Hand!


Page 57 features Forry with some simian friends of his, plus a still from Dracula Has Risen From The Grave!


The Back Issue ads from pages 58 and 59 look like amazing bargains these days, don't they?


A couple of nice items here, although even now I'm not sure that I'd spend even 99 cents on a Famous Monsters Convention Bag... I mean, it says it's a "high quality, heavy weight vinyl tote bag," but I'm thinking it still means "plastic." I could well be wrong, though!


I've seen a few of the items sold on page 61 offered on eBay... but not too often!


I trust you're familiar with all the items above, eh? I used to have all the Trek models plus that UFO model when I was a kid in the 1970s!


Aurora monster model kits... *drool*


I'm pretty sure I've either already featured all of the puzzles above here, or will be doing so before the end of the year!


I'd love to have those masks offered at the top of this page... I think I actually have the Batmobile toy offered!


Ah, 8mm and super 8mm home movies, from the days before VCRs!


Most, if not all of the records advertised above should be available to download from somewhere!


I'd love to have copies of a lot of the above books on my shelves, how about you?


Ah, here's another page offering back issues of Magazines Jon Can't Afford These Days!

Page 70 starts the "Graveyard Examiner"!


I suppose I should mention the names Pat McKee, Tom Roark, Aaron Van Alstine, Steve Smith, Aristos Kalivas, Paul Stano, Robbie Vangen, Eric VAngen, Steven Pellicani, BIlly Hess and Joe Barnes, in case they are searching for their names on the internet! I hope this will bring back some fond memories!



Page 73 brings us the last page of "Fang Mail," with photos and missives from Kenneth Sparks, Jeff Myers, Jeffrey White, Su An Schelske, Dustin G. Twinmyre (or is that Turnmyre? Even Forry didn't know for sure) and David Quade!


Page 74 brings us the typical Captain Company Order Form!


The Inside Back Cover features this opportunity to let Hammer know what you want them to tackle in film next!


And here's the outside back cover! Anyone know where this still came from?

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  1. The back cover is from the 1966 film IT,with Roddy McDowall.