Saturday, May 19, 2012

Famous Monsters Of Filmland #94 (1972) With Forrest Ackerman Jack Davis & Boris Karloff


This time around, it's Famous Monsters #94, the November, 1972 issue. The cover was painted by Sanjulian.


The inside front cover features this still from Frankenstein!


Page 3 features a short bit by Forry Ackerman teasing some of the stuff in the issue, accompanied by a photo of the man himself seeing how he looks in some prosthetic makeup!


Page 4 starts off the "Fang Mail", which means it's my chance to get some older monster movie fans who might be checking out Google to see what their name produces to look at this blog! Letters and and photos from Alan Kalivas, Terry WIlliams, Jaques Archanhault, Michelle Keenan, Joe Hammell, Fiona McQuarrie, Joseph Conciator, and Matthew Choate!


And page 5 -- the last page I'm featuring in this installment -- has the table of contents and masthead! Fabulous Flo Steinberg is listed as Marketing Director!

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