Saturday, May 19, 2012

Famous Monsters Of Filmland With Brigitte Bardot Lon Chaney Peter Cushing Boris Karloff Elsa Lancaster Michael Landon Christopher Lee Peter Lorre Bela Lugosi Steve McQueen Edgar Poe Vincent Price Vampirella Raquel Welch


Page 58 features 8mm and super 8mm horror movies!


Page 59 features Warren mag merchandise on the top, and Don Post classic masks on the bottom half! Those masks seem a steal at these prices now, don't they?


More Aurora kits advertised on page 60, with the classic monsters!


Lots of great one-shots and other magazines advertised on page 61!


Page 62 features more cool items... most of the top half's stuff is standard things you'd find in a Johnson Smith ad, but the Passaic Book Center catalog must've been way too cool to find, eh? And the 8mm movie projector for $29.95 plus $2 for shipping sounds like an amazing bargain, eh?


I believe most, if not all, of the record albums offered on page 63 are available for download on the net somewhere.


A bunch more 8mm and super 8mm movies are advertised on pages 64-65!


Pages 66 to 67 are advertising a whole mess of paperbacks!


Page 68 is the first of the "Graveyard Examiner" pages, the "Official Newsletter of the Famous Monsters Club", with a number of people looking for pen pals... ah, the days before the internet...


Page 69 is the second page, with some stuff by fan artists, as well as photos of FM readers that didn't get used on the letters pages!


Page 70 is divided between awesome posters of EC comics covers and the 8mm home movie versions of the Batman and Robin movie serial!


Even more awesome are the posters offered on page 71!


Page 72 features more great posters and back issue magazines!


Page 73 features FM's "Professor Gruebeard," their own answer man, who answers quetsions from the readers!


The letters page is concluded on page 4, and there's also a subscription coupon to the full line of Warren mags!


Back issues of FM are offered on the inside back cover, but something's missing here... want to know why?


Because on the back cover, the famous 6' poster of Vampirella was being offered, and the original owner of this mag (not me, mind you) obviously wanted it!

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