Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cyclops Stills With Lon Chaney

The theme from "The Cyclops" by Albert Glasser just sounds, you know, B.I.G!!!


Lon looks like he's having a pretty good time! He loved doing those films with eatin' & drinkin' scenes!! I guess the Latin music, in the background, while sounding quite authentic, is also by Señor Alberto Glasser!

Right about here is where the good times stop!!

That's a really Big lizard Bert!!

The Cyclops himself is classic, a lot of the other effects just weren't!

Gloria Talbott had a real look to her, and here she's looking at what used to be her husband, and just starting to wonder why she even cares anymore!

Another attempt for a touching moment that no one ever believes is going to change anything!!

Last but not least, let's give some credit to Ralph D. Helfer for his 'snake fight supervision.'

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