Wednesday, May 23, 2012

La Loba Stills

It's yet another Mexican Monster Monday in May with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Our feature stars the sexy Kitty de Hoyos as the lady werewolf and it has quite a bit of gore. The classic sixties Mexican lobby card there is one I had but sold a few years back.

Eegah!! has given us a nice lil' soundclip for our ears, sooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located directtly below that big crack in the ceiling, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula! Here's a sample-o-sounds from... LA LOBA!

The movie begins with this shot of the monster coming out of what looks like an old tomb, and, goes on to kill this woman gathering wood and her husband! There's a lot of extreme jumping and leaping as she terrorizes the countryside, they even use a small trampoline at times.

When she's finished with her attacks, she goes back through the tomb and into her room, aided by her loyal assistant, Crumba, played by Crox Alvarado. Crox was also in THE MIDNIGHT GHOST (1940), THE BODY SNATCHER, TIGERS OF THE RING, FACE OF THE SCREAMING WEREWOLF, THE ISLAND OF THE DINOSAURS, THE BATWOMAN, and, played Pinacate/El Angel in the AZTEC MUMMY trilogy.

At the morgue, they discover that victims' hearts are being ripped out! You can see the dude's rib bones there, smothered in a tasty honey glaze barbecue sauce.

There are also scientists trying to control werewolfism, adding a sci-fi spin to the story.

Bad things can happen to women who get too nosey! She went in the room to help, locked herself in, turned the temperature down so she wouldn't freeze, and, thaws out the wolfman!

The suggestion of nudity during the transformation scenes caused some problems with censors.

Hippity-hop to the barber shop!

Here's La Loba's transformed mate from Hell!

The monster shreds Crumba's face as he tries to contain the beast!

Great shot as Kitty shows her bloodlust! She was only 58 at the time of her death in 1999.

That knife has a lot to do with the plot, but, as you can see, things don't turn out for the best for the doomed lovers!

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