Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Monster From Green Hell Stills

Albert Glasser been around the monster music block! Work on all Mr. BIG production in '50s!! He make more big stuff!.. GREEN HELL!

Here, Jim Davis be scientific and play around with little monkey!

Then, later, he play around some more and wake up sleeping beauty with friendly nudge!

Guess where you going?!

Jim have classic 'serious smoker' pose!


This big wasper has to fight giant snake!.. Was snake in space ship too?!

For flick in jungle, this dude look lost! Belong in movie call THE PHAROH'S CURSE or something!!

Pretty good effect!

Jim get to lead because he big star!


Hey, wait!.. Volcanos in Africa explode and kill all giant waspers and bury under red-hot lava?!!.. WHAT GIVES?!

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