Thursday, May 17, 2012

Castle Of Frankenstein #16 (1970s) With Joan Crawford Peter Cushing Boris Karloff Ken Kelly Chrtistopher Lee Janet Leigh Bela Lugosi Vera Miles & Anthony Perkins


Fortunately, even though my copy of the mag is coverless, I do have a picture of the cover in my files, and here it is! Of course, I won't be able to show the inside front cover, or the inside and outside back cover... but I can tell you this front cover was by Ken Kelly, and features Dark Shadows' Barnabas Collins and Morgana the Sorceress. The back cover featured color art from the dinosaur sequence from Disney's Fantasia.


Here's page 3 with the table of contents, which will give you an idea of what's coming up as we go through this! This issue was created, edited and published by Calvin T. Beck, managing editor and layouts by Bhob Stewart, associate editor was Philip B. Moschcovitz, publisher emeritus was Charles F. Kane, layout assistant was Frank Brunner, editorial associates were Buddy Weiss, Jon Davison, Joe Dante Jr., Chris Steinbrunner, The Marmoset, and Dan Bates. Editorial contributors were Lin Carter, Berg Gray, Ron Borst, Robert C. Roman, William K. Everson, Mike McKay, Victor Wisco, Don Glut, Mel Laybourn, Berni Wrightson, Marc Ricci, and Boris Zmijewski. Helen Beck was the business manager.

Can you believe that a nine-issue subscription for this mag was only $5 for 9 issues back in 1971, when this was published? You pay more than that for a good condition copy of any one issue these days!

Here's the first article of the issue:


The first two pages featured stills from "The Skull," "Strait Jacket" and a shot of Robert Bloch with the staff of Weird Takes in 1937. The first page of the article runs through Bloch's career, and the second page sets up the interview with an atmospheric paragraph!


The third and fourth pages feature the cover of an issue of Weird Tales, which published a number of Bloch's stories, a still from "Torture Garden", a half sheet poster from "The Psychopath", and a still from the same movie. The lead-in continues with a description of Bloch's home.

The interview itself starts with Bloch's reaction to the then-recent passing of Boris Karloff, and some discussion about Bloch's interactions with the actor.


The next two pages feature a number of stills from "Psycho," probably the best-known film based on Bloch's work. Bloch talks about the origins of the film, before going on to some of the movies he did write the scripts for (Psycho was based on his story).


More "Psycho" stills on these pages, along with discussion of the movies "Straitjacket," "Torture Garden," Bloch's Thriller and Star Trek episodes, the TV series "Journey to the Unknown," and some of what Bloch was then planning to work on. The interview is concluded for this issue, but is promised to continue in issue 17.

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