Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ship Of Monsters Stills

It's More Mexican Monsters in May with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. I love Sotomayor productions, their horror and sci-fi stuff always had a lot of weird looking monsters in them, they also produced EL CASTILLO DE LOS MONSTRUOS, CONQUISTADOR DE LA LUNA, ADVENTURE AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH and LA LOBA. And, that's another nice Mexican lobby card still in my collection!

If I had a job in space, it'd be this... checkin' out the NUDE ON THE MOON! Sotomayor made some really nice looking stock space footage they used in a number of films, and, Mexico even had a space station back then!

Anyway, chicks from space landing on Earth is always a good premise for a movie!

Mexican movies had lots of music, and, this one is no exception, sooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located next to the glowing fish tank, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula! Here's a sampling of sounds from... THE SHIP OF MONSTERS!

Piporro stars as the singing cowboy who witnesses the landing of the spaceship.

The Space Chickas have a special prison to hold aliens they've captured from around the universe! They have a helper, the redecorated robot from THE ROBOT vs THE AZTEC MUMMY.

It's kinda hard to tell what this thing they captured actually looks like, it's a mess! Let's just call it... Bug Face!

I actually know the name of this one... OOK! Known for his slobbering.

Then, there's this Brainiac type they have in a cage.

Let's not forget this throaty chatter box what's chock full of ideas! Hey, I thought you needed vocal chords to speak!..

Finally, they encounter this Vampire Chick who bites one of them!

The Space Chickas visit Piporro and his son at their country ranch. Notice that juke box behind them?

Seriously... What the Hell's going on around here?!!

Old Bug Face ain't just built for looks, you know!

Piporro and his son find one of their cows like this!!

Piporro goes into town to tell everyone that they are being invaded by women and monsters from space, and, they laugh at him! So, why not just sing a song instead!

Beautiful Lorena Velázquez plays Beta, she gets to sing a duet with Piporro at the end of the soundclip, but, when he tries to escape, she pulls out and fires her inefficient ray gun! We love Lorena, she could do it all, and, she could wrestle, too!

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