Thursday, May 17, 2012

Castle Of Frankenstein With Lon Chaney & Randolph Scott


The article seems to be an all-encompassing one about genre movies... the first page talks about Frankenstein, with detail about the make-up by Jack Pierce, accompanied by a still from "The Old Dark House" and a graphic from "M"'s poster, if I'm not mistaken.


Page 2 of the article writes about "The Old Dark House" (started on the previous page), moving on to "The Invisible Man," "Bride of Frankenstein," "White Zombie" and other zombie movies, and assorted werewolf films, also talking about "Hound of the Baskervilles", "The Black Cat," and "The Raven," among others.


Page 21 features stills of the Wolf Man transforming back to Larry Talbot, as well as a shot of a silver pentagram necklace used in the movie.


More genre films are mentioned on page 22, among them "Dr. X," "Mystery of the Wax Museum," "Hands of Orlack," "Stranger on the Third Floor," and others. The tail end of this page begins discussion on "The Cat People."


The concluding pages of the article talk about "Curse of the Cat People," "The Beast With Five Fingers," and a few other movies. Honestly, there's not that much here that could be considered new information to the horror movie buff!

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