Thursday, May 17, 2012

Castle Of Frankenstein


Page 54 features the start of reviews by "The Comic Book Council"! It starts by stating that (at this time) DC has taken the lead over Marvel, crediting DC with their bigger talent pool.

Comics reviewed are Amazing Adventures #4, Tower of Shadows #9 and #10, The Avengers #85 and #86, and Spider-Man #95... of which Spidey seems to be the favorite of the council.


More great reprint books advertised on page 55!


Page 56 talks about Iron Man #34, The Hulk and Captain America in general (although a few specific issues are mentioned), the then-new Kirby books at DC, Detective Comics #406 and #407, Batman #227, All-Star Western #3, The Witching Hour #13, House of Secrets #90, Star Spangled War Stories and Our Army At War (the latter two books inspired a call for discontinuing at DC by the Council), Son of Tomahawk #132 and #133, Phantom Stranger #11 and #12, Unexpected #123, House of Mystery #190 and #191, Brave and the Bold #93, Green Lantern/Green Arrow #82 and #83, Justice League of America #86, Superman #235. The DC books get more favorable reviews than the Marvel titles.

Also noted were current books from Dell, Charlton, Gold Key, Skywald, and Warren, but mostly in general.


Page 57's ad kind of steals a march on the classic ads from the comics with the same stuff, eh?


The final page of comics reviews go into more detail on Warren books, plus some other magazines, fanzines, and underground comics. The page also features a "Headitorial" about Nixon, Viet Nam, and drugs.

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