Thursday, May 17, 2012

Castle Of Frankenstein With Christopher Lee


The first page of the article talks about "Andromeda Strain," "Running Silent" (renamed "Silent Running" prior to release, obviously), and says that Warners is working on "Stranger in a Strange Land"! It also mentions Warners is going to distribute THX 1138, which many of you will know as being done by George Lucas!

Photos are from AIP's "Julius Caesar" and "Trog," called "a dog of a flick"!


Yes, page 46 is very text-heavy! Upcoming films announced include "Escape from the Planet of the Apes," "I Am Legend," a bunch of AIP films including "The Vampire Lovers," "The INcredible Two-Headed Transplant," "Dr. Phibes" and "Count Yorga Vampire." Other upcoming films mentioned are "Gingerbread Lady," "Barrcuda 2000 A.D.," "G.O.O.," "MacBeth" by Roman Polanski, "The House that Dripped Blood," "I, A Monster," "Beast of the Yellow Night," "Mephisto Waltz," "The Best of Friends," "Light at the Edge of the World," and "City Beneath the Sea." Some of those unfamiliar titles may have never been made, or had their titles changed!

In "Up Ahead," the films mentioned are "Dear Dead Delilah," "Toy Factory," "Million Dollar Duck" from Disney, "Simon, King of the Witches," "Journey of the Aquanauts," "Solar Wind," "Mind Thing, "Creatures the World Forgot," "Cold Turkey," and a bunch of others, including a premature announcement of "The Lord of the Rings" from United Artists.

In TV news, there's talk about "Night Gallery," "Annie Come Home," "Boo," "Cooking: Price-Wise," "Curiosity Shop," and "The Immortal" (which had just been axed).

In "Mis-MOSHion Impossible," there's a whole bunch of miscellaneous info, such as how Dan Curtis of Dark Shadows got his start, what the National Enquirer had reported about Lon Chaney, Jr., and other stuff.


More mish-mosh on page 47, with trivia about Clint Eastwood's appearance in "Return of the Creature," and a number of fanzines reviewed, too! These are accompanied with stills from "Scars of Dracula" and "Colossus: The Forbin Project."

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