Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quasimodo With Lon Chaney Boris Karloff Christopher Lee Peter Lorre Bela Lugosi & Vincent Price


And as I said before, this article is a review of Heroes of the Horrors, the author of which was interviewed earlier in the issue!


It shouldn't surprise you that the book gets a positive review. Almost cut off on the cover reproduction is the note that Calvin Thomas Beck was the editor of competing monster mag Castle of Frankenstein!


I've no idea if the review ran short, or what, but it does seem odd tat the Chris Lee Dracula photo ran from the last page of the review and onto the subscription offer on page 57!


And as I also promised, here's pages 58 and 59, with Monster Mesh Puzzles! Word lists, answers, and mystery words will follow here in the coming weeks, so if you want to give this a try, feel free!

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