Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quasimodo With Lou Costello & Bela Lugosi


Pages 86 and 87 of this issue feature stills with captions that are about as funny as some of the ones you may have seen on vintage monster cards.


Pages 88 and 9 feature more of the same.


Page 90 features the complete solution to the Monster Meshes, as well as a promo for issue 6. Page 91 starts out the full-page ads with AMT's Star Trek model kits. In the 1970s, I had every single one of these... and I loved 'em all! I assembled all the ones I had, but I'll have to admit that the ones I painted looked pretty bad, and it was a miracle if I got any of the decals straight! I particularly remember having a difficult time with the Romulan Bird of Prey!


Page 93 features "Bloody Bargains," primarily a number of books about genre movies and the like. The "Monstes Who's Who" I believe has been mentioned in this feature before. The bottom of the page features Monster Masks, which don't appear to be the Don Post over-the-head masks, but the face-only kind held on with a piece of elastic!

Page 93 has half a page of ads for the Pirates of the Caribbean model kits, which I've shown here before, a third of a page on Mego's Mad Monsters (including the ultra-rare playset, which seems a bargain here for only $18!), and 1/6th of a page on a pair of mechanical banks.


Page 94 leads off with two of MPC's Strange Changing model kits, which really should get reissued, if you ask me... plus an ad for old radio shows on record (most of which can probably found as MP3's on the web these days). Page 95 features ads for posters, but the only ones that I'd imagine sold from here would've been the posters for Frankenstein, Kong Kong and Dracula.


Page 96 is all about the Megos, with the original line-up of the super-heroes, plus the first line-up of Planet of the Apes, followed by a whole bunch of jigglers/danglers on page 97, some made by Ben Cooper and some by AHI (and probably other companies are represented here, too). The bottom of the pages is an ad for collector's albums of "classic movie photos."


Page 98 features the order form for the previous pages' ads, and 99 is the inside back cover, bizarrely advertising perfume!


And finally, we have page 100, with a set of 10 iron-on transfers that I'm pretty sure was advertised in all sorts of comics, especially either Gold Key or Charlton books!

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