Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quasimodo With Tina Louise & Paula Prentiss


This part of the article notes how Palomar Pictures chose this book to adapt, as well as who to direct and who to cast, and where to film it.


Yes, that's Gilligan's Island castaway Tina Louise ("Ginger") on the lower left-hand corner of page 62! The gentleman in the upper left-hand corner is identified as Patrick O'Neal, but I could swear it's actually Peter Lawford...

This part of the article gives an overview of the filming of this movie, as well as a brief biography of lead actress Katherine Ross.


On these pages, we have bios of Patrick O'Neal, Paula Prentiss, and Peter Masterson. And that's pretty much it for the article! Feels a lot like filler to me, if you know what I'm saying!


Quasimodo's Mail Bag is next, with announcements of the contest winner names! I was hoping to find some names in here of people who went on to careers in some kind of geek-related endeavor... but the only possible name there is "Franklin Miller Jr." but since none of my five minutes of Googling seems to indicate that the comic book artist Frank Miller was a junior, that's probably not him (although he'd be the right age, methinks).

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