Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quasimodo With Lon Chaney Fred Gwynn Edgar Poe & Rod Serling


Again, the article is lead off with two filler pages of photos and titles!


In the article itself, you learn a bit about Brown's career to date, how he worked with Orson Welles, the creation of Inner Sanctum Mysteries, a famous quote about old-time radio, and sources for episodes.

Page 27 also has ads for "Frantic Dog Tags," a pellet gun with reusable pellets and silencer (!), and "X-Ray Specs"!


On this page, the interview covers Brown's version of The Golem, how he influences the scripts, the time it takes to record an episode, and now music and sound effects are done and where they come from.


These pages discuss Brown's directing of episode recordings, casting, and a few monsters featured in episodes.


These pages talk about the kind of shows Brown likes to do, the movies he's made, retirement, his time performing on the Goldbergs radio show, and how his family feels about his career.


On these pages, more about his family, his change of name, and his audiences.


I'm not sure why there's a picture of Rod Serling on page 36! The article on this page mostly talks about audiences and actors, as well as possible influences by other media. Page 37 has an ad for books on astrology and the occult, which were big at the time!


The interview concludes on these pages... talking about the music, radio audience ages, the Stepford Wives being out, how corny he found The Green Hornet, ratings, and a few other things!


The article is bookended on the backside with a list of radio stations that featured the CBS Radio Mystery Theatre, and I see that station KIXI in Seattle carried it (kind of a surprise to me, as I thought KIRO radio was the CBS affiliate, like the KIRO TV station was for CBS television).

Oh, and there's also some silly advertising.

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